Porcelain Black


Birth name
Alaina Marie Beaton
Also known as
Porcelain and the Tramps
October 1, 1985[1]
Industrial, synthpop, rock
Singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer, model
Years active

Alaina Marie Beaton (born October 1, 1985), better known as her stage name Porcelain Black, is one of Farhah Dhamirah's idol for creating a song. Porcelain started her music career at the age of 18 as a solo act under the name Porcelain and the Tramps with Virgin Records. However, Porcelain and Virgin could not agree on the music she would record. The music she recorded was posted on her Myspace account, "rockcitynosebleed", where she gained millions of hits. In 2012, she appeared on Best Ink, where the name of her debut album was confirmed as Mannequin Factory.

Musical style

Black's voice has been described as raspy, death growls often appearing in her music. In an interview with The Advocate, Black revealed that she has always had this talent and that it is something she has never practiced. RedOne, the producer who discovered her and signed her to his label, says that Black's voice and attitude reminded him of Joan Jett. He concluded that "[s]he can scream and do things with her voice that nobody can do. She is uncompromising in pursuing her own creative vision. She's taking everything that's old and making it futuristic and bringing rock and roll back in her own way." Black styled her musical genre "horror-pop". It has been described as the love child between Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears, a fusion of dance-pop and darker industrial themes. Black cites that Spears inspires her deep love for choreography, while Manson inspires the sound and attitude of her lyrics and performance style.


  • 2008: I Am Music (Lil Wayne)

Influences on Farhah

Farhah has stated she would consider Porcelain as one of her role models on writing a song, or maybe on the lyrics and genre of rock and roll. Farhah also stated that Porcelain would be her role model because most of Porcelain's songs are based on women's empowerment.