Najmah Aldzikra


Hell Girl
12-years old
Navy and Pink
Najmah Aldzikra, also known as Hypervenom or Hell Girl (born December 29, 2001) is the 12-year old member member of Night GhoulZ. She lives in Depok, Indonesia and is partners with Farhah Dhamirah, which is the reason they have made Night Ghoulz. The two seem to be best friends.

So far she has not posted any videos or songs yet on YouTube, but she made a promise to do some covers. It is unknown when the release of her covers and songs are.


Najmah is sweet, friendly, and easy to get along with. Even though she doesn't seem to care much of what other people think of her, Najmah is much of a trend follower, as well as a "fashion girl". This girl also has a 'Hot Head' type. Tease her once, and the next thing you'll notice, your hair will be gone.

Najmah is usually ecstatic and gets distracted easily, making her prone to accidents and mixed information, so she's usually portrayed as naive; but ignorance is bliss as Najmah's happiness rarely fades. She's also shown to be a bit of a flirt, having the most crushes out of the two.


  • Najmah is also called 'Hypervenom' by her friends at school, probably due to the cause that she's a 'Hot Head' and immidiately attacks.