Elizabeth Gillies


Birth name
Elizabeth Egan Gillies
Other names
Elizabeth Gillies
Liz Gillies
July 26, 1993
Alternative rock, experimental pop, pop rock

Elizabeth Egan Gillies, more known as Elizabeth Gillies and/or Liz Gillies, is one of Farhah Dhamirah's role model on appearance. Gillies is best known for portraying the character Jade West on Victorious. She made her Broadway debut at the age of 15, playing the character Lucy. She also voices the character Daphne in Winx Club.

Musical style

Gillies is currently writing an album, which has alternative rock, experimental pop and pop rock music.

Influences on Farhah

Farhah stated she may not make Gillies a role model on writing songs due to Liz has only wrote a few songs, but instead she idolizes Liz's fashion style, gothic. Farhah is also seen wearing black and red often like Liz, and sometimes light blue.